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I cannot tell you when the last time I had a spray tan, well I can its probably 9 years ago before the birth of my daughter. In those days it was pretty much San Tropez only and its was thick, black and you smelt like a biscuit not to mention what it did to your sheets!

As the cold draws in, us Northerners call it corn beef skin, where your skin is lightly mottled as its so cold and as I get older I suffer from not being able to get warm all day - I love the school pick up so I can have the heating on full blast in the car, the kids cant breathe when they get it! Anyway I digress.

As part of the 'Look and Feel Good Christmas Initiative' I've decided to take the plunge. Kerry is on my Features list (January), bless her at this time of year she is working 12 hour days so we can all look healthy, happy and gorgeous for the party season.

So all in the essence of research I've taken the plunge, taking advantage of a fabulous November offer £20 from Kerry @enhanced_brows at @theMarlowClub1 I want to see if you can get a healthy glow in an hour ready for a party out that night. Am I heading to a party? No my date with Strictly is excuse enough.

Fake Bake have developed the 60 Minute Tan, which can be washed off after just an hour when most demand you sit around for at least four to eight hours. It contains cutting-edge accelerators, meaning it develops within an hour and won't smell. You can take a shower after this and go out. It also contains a unique ingredient, which is activated when water hits the skin, so the shade continues to darken. You can buy the product to apply yourself (£24.95), I decided to leave it to the professional.

So a quick Saturday afternoon trip to the gym, Kerry erects the Fake Bake large black pop-up tent in seconds. I stand wearing nothing but a pair of paper pants and hair net while she sprays me up and down with the brown liquid, starting with my back, arms, then moving on to my legs, bottom, chest and finally face. It's not pleasurable as it's cold but it takes just five minutes.

When she's finished, Kerry checks me as she's a perfectionist, my body looks smooth and brown, no corn beef skin ladies and I don't smell. All the way home and throughout the afternoon my daughter keeps saying 'You look so brown Mummy', I am starting to panic slightly that it may be developing into something way too dark and orange but checking myself out in the mirror that's doesn't seem to be the case.

Popping my clothes on, loose jeans and I changed to a black top. I leave on for a little more than a hour. When taking my clothes off yes some of it is on my clothes but it I think if you dried a little more it wouldn't have been a problem. (Wear black) Standing under the shower, the water runs a dark brown hour, I am convinced that my fake tan has washed off but to my amazement actually I look pretty good, but it's hard to tell with the lighting when the sun has gone down.

The sleep test

Risking clean sheets, I wanted to see after a nights sleep if their claim that the tan won't rub off on anything is true, I have to say the sheets stay spotless. Still being dark, I threw on my exercise gear, went for a long run (yes it stands up to exercise) and thought by the time I get home and shower the sun will be up and I can see how I look.

I have to say the Fake Bake one-hour tan has been a golden success, my eyes appear brighter, my face healthier and I just have this glow, (two ladies from school asked me had I been away for the weekend and I looked really well), I feel like I've had a boost about how I look, I now just need an excuse to get my lovely bronze legs out.

If you're interested in getting a bronzed glow for the Christmas Season or just want to get book in for a treat Contact Kerry at The Marlow Club 01628 475709. Please note Fake Bake is also available through Liga, at Tanning Lounge & Beauty Marlow (fantastic Salon) 01628 290101

Love and Kisses


All content my own and correct at the time of writing. Please note this was not a gift, this was something I reviewed and bought.

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