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Jacqueline Frankish

Hi I'm Jacqueline, a full-time working married mum to a ten and eight year old. Originally from Manchester, now living in the beautiful town of Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

@stylishschoolrun was born after many years of thinking about it and putting it off with many excuses, 2017 was a desire to do something for me, After fine-tuning the idea ​@stylishschoolrun was born, a diary of my everyday style. Outfit inspiration for the modern day mum. We exercise, we work, we run our own business, we train, we nurture, we taxi and we live, all whilst wanting to look good and it's a mind field.

I'm passionate about fashion, about keeping my mojo on a budget and I love sharing my 'gorgeous' finds. Getting dressed for the day I love pulling looks together that you might not think of and combining vintage, High Street, local boutiques to make my wardrobe work harder.

My mission through my regular Empowering Women feature is through promotion, collaboration and support to build a local community of talented, ambitious and empowered women.


@stylishschoolrun has come along way since I started and I cannot thank those who have supported me with their energy and enthusiasm. I'm no stylist, if you want help in re-organising your wardrobe or finding what suits I'll introduce you to Stephanie,.

Subscribe @stylishschoolrun, follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I would love your comments.

Love and Kisses


November 2018

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