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In the words of Game of Thrones Winter's coming and exercising in the cold, damp weather generally doesn't conjure up the words fun and laughter...but this morning was an absolutely brilliant session filled with fun and laughter. Running timed session with boxing drills in between again probably doesn't conjure the words fun and laughter but my head just wasn't IN IT. Some days your body is there but your mind is just not present so boxing drills not remembering what comes next is tantamount to have your head knocked off (thank you Lisa for not) side running with boxing (if you do this you DO NOT FOCUS on your partners boobs, look into the distance otherwise you feel like you've been on a rollercoaster! I DO NOT LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS) but it really was fun and games and had us hooting like we are back in the playground with me constantly me shouting again, again, again!

If you're following the 'Lets Look and Feel amazing for Christmas' here are todays workout, two sessions: Boxing drills inspiration and my Lunchtime Hiit Session.

Todays Food Ideas:

Moroccan Mint Tea

Homemade Protein balls

Overnight Oats with Blueberries, Blackberries and Chia seeds

Quinoa and Black Rice salad with Tuna, sweet corn and Balsamic Vinegar (literally grab an organic pouch, tin of tuna, tin of sweet corn and balsamic vinegar)

Pea, Mint, Asparagus and Onion Omelette with Green salad

Gallons of water and Mint Green Tea

Top Tip Today:

If you're feeling hungry drink a glass of water, its generally thirst

Laugh Loads!!

In the essence of sharing and research tomorrow I embark on a Five Day Cold Press Juice Detox - I'm being a guinea pig on the process and the taste for @Happiness_Transformation as she is building her company to launch in January. I'll keep you posted.

Love and Kisses


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