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Yep, you read that right. September for me is my January, my New Year of exercise goals and a breakdown of what I need to do to achieve those goals. Since having children my yearly cycle has gone back to that most familiar 'School term' timetable. I am probably one of those annoying people who absolutely loved school, Sixth Form and then University. I had to work but loved working! I love that familiar feeling of grabbing a new, colourful exercise book and filling it with things I want to achieve.

Making a New Year's resolution is a great way to make a positive change in your life, but January's common New Year's resolutions and timing just doesn't do it for me. After doing a huge trawl of research for this blog, I found that it's very rare that resolutions are kept with 80% of resolutions failing by the second week of February. I'm not surprised, we try to do too much... after a Christmas break we then try and go on diets, eat healthily, give up smoking, start exercise, do more exercise and the list goes on... all in the same long, dark month of January. The odds are against us.

September is the perfect month... we are all ready after a long break to make New Goals for a New Month. We've generally over indulged over the holiday period so we are looking for a refresh in what we eat and how we exercise, the days are getting shorter but its still light until 8pm, its a little chillier but nothing that a base layer cant help with. We can get in habits now before the long, dark, chilly nights draw in and that age old quote 'Summer Bodies are made in Winter' starts early.

If you're interested I use The Five Golden Rules

  1. Set Goals That Motivate You. When you set goals for yourself, it is important that they motivate you: this means making sure that they are important to you, and that there is value in achieving them. ...

  2. Set SMART Goals. ...

  3. Set Goals in Writing. ...

  4. 4. Make an Action Plan. ...

  5. Stick With It! Don't beat yourself up 80/20 Rule

With that in mind, TODAY is the start of my 6 week challenge through Immortal Bootcamp. Over the last year I took part in 3 with great results. Find out more about the Immortal 6 week Autumn Challenge.

My goals for this 6 week challenge are to refocus my diet, I am feeling sluggish after way too many pastries on holiday, continue to reduce body fat, and increase muscle mass. Once I set these goals then I plan what I need to do to achieve these goals.

My Weekly Menu

We're not all designed the same, my exercise routine is not going to work for everyone, I've exercised regularly throughout my life...Hell I was spinning the day before I give birth. But I take being a @bucksmoveme Champion seriously and I encourage all to get more active, so throughout this week I'm going to feature some local activities that you can add as one of the things you can do to achieve your goals or try out to start getting active.

First up: Immortal Fit

I've covered Stu's Immortal Fit Bootcamps over the last months, I joined last year and was welcomed to the fold. It's a great bunch of people, we laugh (a lot), I've cried many times (tiredness, emotions, none on them related to exercise, but just feeling that you are somewhere were you can and they care) Everyone is so supportive and it makes exercising FUN and not a chore.

Stu's Bootcamps are all about getting you results fast, they are mixed male and female and have a range of fitness levels but what he does expect is that you give 100% and train as hard as you can. I challenge you, take the trial week and at the end of that week you will be surprised how great you already feel and how many new friends you’ve made. Here are just a few things we do:


With classes in Marlow, Hambleden, Henley Peppard, Slough Cippenham. Stu's aim is to make each session as different and varied as it can be whilst keeping it challenging and FUN.

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