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Like a kid in a candy shop, you know when a wonderful new window display appears @Sweaty Betty Marlow. New goodies are displayed in all their glory for you to feast your eyes on. It's the deadly school drop off and pick up, you're crawling past in traffic, something catches your eye, it's a drug, you're hooked, if you could you'd swing your car to the side of the road and abandoned it. Days later, many online searches (to check out the new stuff) and you pop in on your way to the supermarket, dentist, gym, hey who needs an excuse.

Here's my pick of the new @Sweaty Betty stock drop... and yes they are all in my basket! Yikes..

I can see myself hanging around at the weekend with a coffee and croissant (yes I do eat carbs) in this Flow Slogan Vest and Garudasana Yoga Capris, it has Sunday morning written all over it. Super soft and lightweight the vest is on trend with a statement logo and has dropped armholes for layering. I love to wear a splash of colour underneath, usually coral.

Through work, school, friends I know so many AMAZING women, they are great at what they do, they juggle jobs and kids, they have started on or are embarking on new journeys and challenges by starting businesses, or re-training. This EMPOWER short sleeve T is for every one of you on or starting your journey. I love it and I love that @SweatyBetty is all about supporting women.

For me the vest of the season is the Tranquil V Neck, a loose draped vest, it comes in two colours (powder blue and black), with a deep V at the front and back. Great fabric and if its like all the other vests will wash really well. Its versatile! Ideal for working out, (choose brightly coloured sports bra underneath) to going out, really amazing with a pair of jeans especially in the hot weather or on hols.

BeetleBlue Medina Drape - what can I say I just love blue. This is a rich warm take on navy and not as harsh as black when wearing it. Again a really versatile piece, I have a cream one that I drape at the front and back depending on my mood and what I'm wearing underneath.

Discussion topic @Immortalfit bootcamp this week, the heat (of course) and how you can go from gym, to school, to errands looking stylish whilst keeping cool. Holistic dress is a lightweight draped jersey maxi dress designed for hot weather. Keeping you cool, it has a detailed racerback and side splits. Chuck your denim or biker on with trainers or holiday chic.

My excitement is just brimming, I cant wait to go to the @IvyMarlow again for breakfast and the outfit of choice is this one, all of it. Restore one shoulder is a relaxed sweatshirt with a twist, an asymmetric shoulder detail, lightweight and comfortable. It's perfect with the Power 7/8ths and trainers, loose trousers or jeans. A great addition to your holiday wardrobe for layering for those nights that are chilly. Kenzo workout under the Karma yoga vest will be perfect, a ray of colour under the grey.

Now it's crunch time. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo is the only way I am going to reign this basket in.

Love and Kisses

All content my own and correct at the time of writing

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