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I first stumbled upon Sweaty Betty years ago when they had their small store in Richmond, I still have their original pink loyalty card that my daughter has in her grown up purse. For all of those who remember that, you are showing your age!

Personally it ticked all the boxes when @Sweatybetty Marlow store opened (perhaps not the bank balance). With two small children, I was trying to continue to workout but with less than shoddy exercise clothes. Put it this way my favourite hairbands where also holding my leggings up. NOT A GOOD LOOK. Thanks to Emma for pointing out 'That this could not go on'. So with my bank balance lighter, my old clothes recycled, my body more toned, @Sweatybetty Marlow I ventured. Shout out to all the girls, THEY ARE AMAZING. It's great to visit a store with shall we say very bodycon clothing and get friendly, stylish and will bend over backwards (Is that a yoga move?) advice, they truly want to help.

Sweaty betty is the DADDY of Athleisure, not only can you really exercise in this, believe me (HIIT, crawling through mud, flipping tyres and more), it passes my 'hold it in and stay up' test and you can go from school, lunch, errands and more without compromising on style. For layering just chuck your denim or biker over the top, a stylish bag and you have up-cycled and ready to go.

My favourite picks from this season...

Love and kisses

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