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When you want to live a healthy lifestyle its key to prepare...after seeing Ann (nutritionist and a stylishschoolruncommunity member - see related post) I started to prep the weekly meals and buy accordingly, less waste of food, more money to spend on quality ingredients and actually more time as I'm not thinking constantly about what to make and trips to the supermarket.

Tuesdays are my office days and although we have a great restaurant I tend to bring my own so I'm ready to go and with one office day, my day is generally back to back with meetings so I can eat on the go.

I'm not a lover of hot water and lemon and you really have to enjoy what you're putting into your body, so I start the day with Moroccan Mint Green Tea, again its doesn't have that cloying taste and the mint is very delicate, it really soothes your stomach and wakes your body up gently.

Overnight Oats have been prepared - if you forget to do this you can do this quite quickly in the morning for a later breakfast. Here's my recipe but there are tons out there..

Overnight Oats:

40g Gluten Free Jumbo Oats

20g Chia Seeds

handful linseeds

Large scoop vanilla protein powder

120ml coconut water (I use coconut water as I don't like milk but you can use all the nut milks, you can also add more, I love a thick texture)

Here are some of my favourite toppings but you can add whatever you fancy:

Handful raspberries, pistachio nuts and banana

Strawberries, pistachio and banana

Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries - I add a little vanilla, pop then on the hob so they burst and then add them - the oats turn purple and they have a wonderful taste


Apples, vanilla and raisins - stew apples, vanilla and raisins with a tablespoon of water, then add and chill

Banana Bread - add banana and pecans

Carrot Cake - add cinnamon, honey, 1/2 grated carrot and walnuts

Lemon and raspberry - lemon zest and raspberries

Blueberry Muffin - add nutmeg, blueberries and 50g yoghurt

Lots of questions about Protein Powder:

Up until a year ago I didn't use protein powder, but I am totally a convert (it doesn't bulk you out, sometimes they are very sweet so you need to find one that you like and its a great way of adding in more protein into your diet) I use it every day in oats and pancakes.

In the essence of research - I am trying out a couple of new brands that I've been given sachets off. Yesterday was Pulsin and today I am trying out Form, I've tried many of the last year and I'll be popping up a review over the next day or two on what I like the best but it is all about personal taste.

Throughout the day if I get peckish I like to snack on protein balls / bars. I have a few brands that I like to take with me but I love making my own as they are so easy and you can get the kids involved in rolling them into balls and popping them into small packets ready to take with you. Again I've tried loads of recipes but this is my favourite and the easiest one to create especially if you have a Nutribullet. Please note all nuts can be swopped out to whatever you have in the cupboard.

Homemade Protein Balls

100g hazelnuts

75g cashews

3 dates or figs

zest and juice of 1/2 orange or coconut water

1tsp vanilla

1tsp cinnamon

1/2tsp nutmeg

30g dried blueberries or raisins

40g chopped hazelnuts

Firstly I throw the hazelnuts (not the chopped) and cashews into a Nutribullet, once they are fully chopped I add in dates, orange and spices. Nutribullet into a paste - its a quick whizz. Spoon out into a bowl and add in chopped hazelnuts (I like a crunch) and dried blueberries ( I tend to add more) and then mix. I sometimes through in chia and linseed or sunflower seeds. Then get the kids to roll them in small balls. Pop them in the fridge to harden slightly and you have natural protein balls for on the go. Again you can swop any of the nuts ingredients, I've used brazil, macadamia, and almond and all delicious.

Today I've thrown in a freebie - Clearspring Organic Japanese Matcha Shot sachet to try, you can add water and whisk, blend it with milk or smoothie or add to your water bottle. I generally have a tin in the fridge but you have to finish the expensive tub in 30 days, and the pressure of trying to do that all the time puts me off, I'm hoping that these will be a great alternative. I'll let you know once I've thrown it into hot water this afternoon!

For me , today is a rest day, I just cant fit it in with school, office day and if you're wondering it's homemade burgers this evening! but don't worry if you want a Hiit Session, here's a couple I completed earlier (one with weights if you're at the gym and one without you can do anywhere) and on Instagram I've posted a favourite from Fabletics - they post some great quick videos you can try at home or the gym!

With 48 sleeps to go until Christmas and those party dresses lurking here's a few tips on making sure you can get as healthy and fit as you can pre the holidays.

Tips for Success

Prep your weekly meals - alleviates waste and keeps you on plan

Start the day with hot water and lemon or a herbal tea to wake your body gently and kick start your metabolism

Eat organic as much as you can and make homemade- EAT CLEAN

Ditch the unrefined sugar and carbs

Eat more protein in every meal

Limit your treats to the weekends - if you fancy a glass of wine, for me its chocolate - have it on the weekend or days that you have events.

If you want chocolate - I do!! - try and have the best dark chocolate or check out Eat Real Food - refined sugar free, dairy and gluten free - the salted caramels are to die for - you just need one and you're satisfied. (stylishschoolruncommunity member - see related post

Book at least three sessions of exercise a week into your diary and try and stick to it.

Have some Me Time - Headspace Mediation, walk the dog.

Lets do this - lets look and feel wonderful for Christmas!

Love and kisses


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