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So I'm kicking off the Christmas countdown and it's all about looking and feeling great. Whether this is getting an exercise class in, eating healthily, getting Christmas ideas for presents and outfit ideas for the Festive Season.

Over the last week I haven't been feeling myself, that cloudy feeling that you get when you think you're getting a cold or flu. After stocking up on fruit and vegetables all last week - this week its time to step it up again. Clean eating, more protein, fruit and vegetables and flushing out the system with green tea, matcha and water. I got great feedback in summer around the exercise post, so in the name of sharing, I'll add as much as I can to help you prepare and be looking and feeling your best when the Big C arrives.

Food Diary

Clearwater Green Tea and Brown Rice - this is delicious, its really soothing and has a nutty taste, you don't get that dry feeling that you sometimes get when drinking tea

Overnight Oats with protein powder, linseed, chia seeds, coconut water, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries - really delicious, you can ensure you have protein in your diet and keeps you full

Pulsin Protein bar - Chocolate Orange - this is so rich I can only have small bites and this generally last all day for snacks - morning and afternoon

Homemade Pumpkin soup - pumpkin, onions, peppers, garlic, chilli, stock and then Nutribullet

Homemade Gnocchi with tomatoes, onions, garlic and chilli


Weighted 3.5 mile run (you can buy weighted vest from )

Bootcamp 1 hour

Hiit Session - try this at home

Reformer - really trying to open my diaphragm and not only stretch but work the muscles deeper, I'll be writing a review soon.

Take a look at my first Christmas blog - a review of the best PJs.

Get them on your wish list of for Mr C.

Love and kisses


All content my own and correct at the time of writing.

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