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I've always exercised and always eaten healthily but last year I met Ann through the @immortals challenges. As part of that challenge we took the usual body measurements and really looked at how I was not only training but how I was eating. Yes I train hard and eat healthily, yes I have treats but I was also missing some meals when I was out and about and a real key one for me was not eating enough protein to sustain how I was training and achieve the goals that I wanted to achieve.

Ann has been integral in the way I plan weekly menus, introducing more protein in every meal (I really did not think I could do that), feeling strong, healthy, not hungry and yes I have the occasional treat, pastry or blow out but its totally different in the way that I used too. I do not skip meals and over the last year I have achieved the goals that I set last September of getting stronger, building and maintaining muscle mass (around 4%) and reducing body fat (around 6%) Its a continuous improvement, I have my goals for this year but with the help and support from Ann I know nutritionally I'll get there!! and the weekly shopping bill has reduced dramatically!!

Tell me, a little bit about yourself…

I am a Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach, Business Mentor, Wife, Mother and have many other hats too! I have lived in Marlow for over 20 years and still think it’s the best place to live in the UK!

How did you get into Nutritional Therapy?

My first career was in Management Consulting and I reinvented myself in my early 40’s when my children were small. I went back to Uni for another 4 year degree in Nutrition to follow my real passion. I love what I do!! I am evangelical about the impact our food has on our health, mind-set and life and want to share this with the World!


I have the best job in the World (IMHO). I mostly work with women who want to look and feel amazing every day. I use a combination of nutrition education and coaching to overcome the barriers and introduce long-term new habits around food that lead to vibrant, healthy, strong women. It is so rewarding to witness the transformations!!

What's your usual week / day look like?

My day always starts with some sort of activity, usually a run and sometimes Bootcamp in the park with the amazing Immortals!! Most days include a combination of face to face consultations (in my office in the garden!) together with skype/telephone support for those that are not local. I have to work hard not to spend too many hours sitting – not always successful though!

What inspires you?

Brave women who reach out and take the first step to resolving a long-term issue, be it weight, IBS, skin, sleep. It’s often easier to accept less than optimum health and wellbeing, telling ourselves that it’s ‘normal’ to feel like this. Well the good news is – your body wants to be healthy and the right height/weight ratio. All we need to do is provide the right environment, remove the barriers and hey presto – A NEW YOU!!

What did you want to be growing up?

Strangely I wanted to be a Food Scientist and design new food products for Marks and Spencer!!!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement, hands down, is our 2 amazing children! Natasha 20, Sebastian 18 – both have become beautiful young adults and I couldn’t be more proud!!

What’s next on your to do list?

We have an empty nest this Autumn, so just my husband and I at home and more freedom. Next on my list is to develop my business in South Africa, already booked my trip to Cape Town at the end of January. Super excited!

When are you happiest?

I love mountains and lakes and am at my happiest walking/hiking in a beautiful place with my husband and kids. This Summer it was the Dolomites and Italian Lakes – just breath-taking.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Last Saturday when my daughter (20) called me from Australia to tell me she had lost her credit card, it was 1.30am in Sydney and she’d had a few cocktails. Minutes later she sheepishly rang to say, ‘found it in my knickers’. She had put it there for safe keeping and forgotten!!

How as women, can we help to empower others?

If we relate to each other as our possibilities, not limited by what or who we are today, we can support and encourage each other to be the best we can be. There really are no limits. We all have dreams and wishes, let’s make them a reality by first believing they are possible.

What’s your style?

I live in sports clothes much of the time, love the combination of Sweaty Betty with low cost separates mixed in. Most at home in jeans, converse and soft jumper. Currently loving anything with stars!!

Guilty pleasure?

Got to be Lindt dark chocolate 70% and my husbands home grown tomatoes and cucumbers!!!

Life motto?

If you can Dream it you can do it!!

Can’t live without…

my family!!

If you're looking to tackle a issue, change your habits, be the best person you can become, get in touch with Ann for a one to one session at

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