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So you spent the whole year getting ready for summer, you're in a great exercise routine but you just don't want to slack off. What's the solution? Here's a couple of ideas to keep you going over the kids summer holidays..

Getting Up early...

Ok, so I'm used to getting up early and if you can fit it in an early morning run it blows the cobwebs away. It also means that if you have another adult still in bed they can kinda look after the kids (well the kids can holler for things up the stairs, sorry neighbours). If you're looking for inspiration in the Marlow area, here's a couple of routes I do depending on the time I have.. can easily cycle or walk these with the kids.

Through Marlow and up past the Royal Oak, Spinfield and home.

Yes we do have them in Marlow, up past the Vineyard and down to the River Thames.

Across the River Thames and over Marlow Bridge

Children friendly Bootcamp...

Last June my friend Andrea convinced me to go to Bootcamp, I was running a lot, doing some classes in the gym but wanted a new challenge. I LOVE it, I've had lots of laughs and cries but mostly made a load of new friends and now a hell of a lot fitter and more toned.

The real pull was that in Summer you can take the children. They have three locations Cippenham, Hambleden Valley and Peppard, with a variety of times. The kids get to run around in a safe environment and meet new friends and you get to meet a great bunch of ladies and men and exercise.

The exercises are never the same, and promise me you will ache in places you don't know existed but the time flies by, you're outside getting fresh air and you'll have happy bugs running round your body all day. Friday are usually a fun day to get the kids involved. Give it a go, it's all fitness levels and my children now think exercising is a way of life, I just hope that translates as they get older!

Contact Stu @immortal_fit

And now to Breathe...

I realise that running and bootcamp may not be your thing, Sweaty Betty Marlow have other options and it's FREE!

Get Fit for Free @ Sweaty Betty Marlow

Yoga on Tuesdays @ 08:00 mixed instructors

Barre Fusion on Thursday @ 17:45 with Aggi

Fitness fusion on Fridays @ 08:00 with Britt

However you roll, enjoying getting out there!

Love and kisses


All content my own and correct at the time of writing.

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