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I LOVE a slogan tee but its hard to find something different out there. So whilst researching online and trawling Instagram I found these beauty's. Many of you have asked where's the 'Bon Vintage Tee' from after yesterdays post. So here goes, and here's their story..

The start of The French Wine Project, was born 4 years ago when husband and wife team set out on a mission to find great quality wines from small independent producers and ship them back to the UK. Their motto ‘Quality over quantity’. As a follower of fashion and a lover of Slogan Tee's, they saw a fantastic opportunity to branch out and diversify, using ethical companies, (Fair trade/organic certificate) and fair wages) and then screen printed in the UK. Range includes slogan tee, sweatshirts and a men's tee, would love the navy 1855 in women's! I have both Rose and Bon Vintage and I love, fantastic soft quality tee, great print and something really different.

Please note: Fwp are currently low on stock but will be receiving more on 31st July. They are also available @taylorjaynelook ROSE Tee Bon Vintage Tee and NEW Designs available Mid August.

Love and kisses


All content my own and correct at the time of writing.

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