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#stylishschoolrun IS BORN

I am proud to say after hours of deliberation, doubts on 'What will people think?' I have taken the plunge into blogging, vlogging, hey just all round putting myself out on social media.

So, Why am I doing this? I have always been passionate about fashion and as one of my work colleagues said 'you have your own individual look'. Thank you Shelley. Keeping my mojo and looking good through dressing how I want to dress and keeping my mind and body active and healthy through exercise is key to me when I am trying to juggle everything as a mum.

Hey I am no expert but through this outlet I want to give ideas on what I am wearing when I exercise, head off to work and meetings or out running errands, dropping children off and living life. Some of my posts will show vintage items (basically I have had them over 10 years pre kids - that's why they may be slightly more expensive then what I buy now!), things I love, alternatives when you are on a budget.

Although my life revolves around my children, for other's it doesn't and this outlet is not just for mum's. Its for busy working women who like ideas on putting things together, may see a dress on and thing hey I like that, don't have time to shop or don't get inspired when shopping online.

So welcome, I am excited and filled with trepidation, this is going to be one hell of a journey..

Love and kisses #stylishschoolrun

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