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Everyone wants that secret nugget to look younger for longer. We all want to achieve clear, healthy, vibrant and sexy skin but with the global beauty business hitting £300 billion, the market is flooded with a plethora of new products daily. We're all hankering to look good for our age, but we want something that helps us retain the natural structure and beauty of our face whilst aging with grace (on the inside and out) without a constant voodoo doll pressure of cosmetic procedures.

Skincare Regime

For me skincare is pretty simple. I use a wash off cleanser, spray toner and I moisturise with day and night creams combined with facial oil and serums. I've never cleansed my skin every day, it's just too much for my skin but I exfoliate twice a week with a quick mask once a week. Over the last two years I've introduced a micro-current handheld facial which I use every day (3 minutes each side) on the contour line setting, massaging my facial muscles to keep tone and lift. I use natural products and I change them every 6 months to ensure effectiveness. Make up is pretty non-existent (I know improvements need to be made here) with bronzer, mascara and gloss.

Be Brave

Last week's re-release of iconic movie '9 to 5', highlighted Jane Fonda's no bullshit approach, she is 80, she looks fantastic but she has spoken honestly about her plastic surgery and the regret of giving into the pressure to alter her appearance as she aged. In her candid HBO documentary 'Five Acts' she added, "I wish I was braver. But I am what I am."

Low maintenance, natural products, needle phobia and the thought of injecting my face for facial paralysis, headaches (less than 2% of people experience an ongoing headache for several months after getting injections) or ending up like Bridezilla ensures that cosmetic procedure anxiety rears its ugly head. In a world of social media and selfies its difficult not to be too self-critical but for now (never say never) I am what I am, I will be BRAVE and for me the eradication of wrinkles and lines is taking a natural approach albeit high tech.

Trick or Treat?

Advances in technology have ushered in a new generation of procedures to rejuvenate and stimulate the skin. Is this another way of being tricked and blinded by science? Expensive but not really indulgent, treatments not really facials, potentially painful but are they effective?

So I jumped at the chance to experience Marlow Beauty Lounge (Newly refurbished at The Marlow Club) to try out the COMCIT™ CRYSTAL FACIAL **


Sounding super high tech, it stands for Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy.

None the wiser here's the Crystal Clear science bit...

The 7 in 1 facial' offers the simultaneous delivery of Cryo oxygen whilst a Micro-Channelling Roller creates hundreds of microscopic channels, so the top-secret rejuvenation ingredients can be driven in to the skin.

It claims to:

1. Stimulating collagen production

2. Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

3. Tightens and firms skin

4. Reduces pigmentation

5. Anti-bacterial to acne prone skin

6. Reduces scarring

7. Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin

Treatment Day

Slightly apprehensive I took the plunge....

Immediately Jamie not only put me at ease but talked me through the treatment. After a quick but soothing cleanse Jamie explained that she would work on half of my face first, so I'd be able to see the noticeable difference on the treated side (and I did). Consequent treatments unless you express otherwise are both sides at the same time.

Ready for the roller

Skin prep is key, exfoliation using crystals removes any dead skin cells leaving your skin super soft. The main part of the treatment consists of MicroChannelling Rolling, it's based on medical needling. It's a spiky roller covered with sharp spikes which creates tiny holes to allow the serum to penetrate deep into your skin. Rolled continuously for twenty minutes across your whole face, neck and décolletage, the tiny holes shock the skin into self-repair mode, stimulating extra collagen and elastin deep down in the dermis to plump, lift and firm your skin. If it's your first treatment the lowest needle level with be used, subsequent treatments the depth of the needle will be increased for enhanced results. It sounds gruesome, but it isn't - it didn't hurt but it's not something I would class as relaxing either.

Whilst those tiny holes have been created (they don't last long as your skin starts to rapidly repair) they allow the the COMCIT Cellular Infusion Solution which includes vitamin C, plant stem-cell extract and moisturising hyaluronic acid — to be absorbed into the skin. To help boost this regeneration process Jaime used the Puncture Jet Oxygen machine, which emits a blast of oxygen on to the skin, soothing and inflating the skin cells giving you a younger plump and lift. I found this incredibly soothing and the difference it makes to your skin is amazing.

Finally, the relaxing mask for ten minutes, all finished with the platinum moisturiser.

Facing the World

As for results - immediately my skin was smooth, impressively plumped up and I looked refreshed albeit a little red (I've experienced more redness after a tough workout) but that calmed down within an hour, so you can easily face the world without a single thought.

Lifting especially around the jaw line and eyes is the most noticeable improvement, with fine lines fading. It's difficult to really tell on yourself but my husband had thought I'd tried Botox (slightly concerned and offended) but in terms of treatment review this is a positive!

Cost and Frequency

Crystal Clear recommends doing a course of six treatments, two weeks to a month apart, and for best results a top up every couple of months. A single 60-minute treatment costs £125 (£145 70 minutes) with a course of six costing £625 (60 minute sessions) £725 (75 minute sessions). It's quite an investment but based on my treatment results it produces the natural desired results.

If you are in Marlow, I would recommend the Marlow Beauty Lounge where I had my sessions with Jamie. Otherwise check out Crystal Clear’s salon finder for a list of places where you can book the treatment.

Love and Kisses



** Please note this is not a sponsored post. I received my first COMCIT Crystal Facial free of charge in lieu of writing an open and honest blog. All consequent COMCIT Crystal Facials I have paid full price. All content is my own and correct at the time of writing.

Marlow Beauty Lounge

After having worked together for many years at various leading salons. Jamie and Jodie decided to combine their passion, follow their dreams and start their own business in 2017. They are expert skin and beauty therapists that specialise not only in High Tech Anti-aging facials, LVL. Microblading but a whole host of complimentary beauty treatments.

Marlow Beauty Lounge

Fieldhouse Lane Marlow, England SL7 1LU


Jamie on 07890190946

Jodie on 07725056479

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