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As the days are getting colder I'm on the hunt for some ankle boots that look like walking boots but look good, are comfy and warm. I want them to go with jeans, dresses and skirts so that I can wear them on the school run, in meetings and for lunch, coffee. You're probably thinking I have lots of boots and yes I do but they all seem to be heeled boots for work or super casual Uggs that you throw on after a workout. In fact today is the day that after a few errands I am having a clear out of the under stairs cupboard, it's my shoe, boot and handbag area and its been a dumping ground to just throw everything in. Hooray, eventually a quick tidy and I'll eventually be able to find that other lace boot that I've been wanting to wear for work!

So a research task this Saturday morning for the perfect black ankle walking boot. It's actual more of a difficult task than you think as not many are around but someone has to do it!

First port of call Russell and Bromley. Why? Last year I coveted a pair of Huggy's, they didn't go in the sale and I thought I would check to see if they are back. Here they are...

HUGGY Hiking Boot £225.00

Soft black calf leather, hiking red lacing, faux-wool lining and a not too chunky sturdy sole.

UGG® Black Leather Viki Waterproof Lace Up Boot £210

If you're off skiing these are gorgeous but too chunky for what I'm looking for.

GANNI Edna suede-trimmed leather ankle boots £295

Trimmed with suede at the ankle and set on a serrated rubber sole that won't slip on wet city streets. Switch between the black and red laces depending on your outfit.

Seven Boot Lane Himalaya £175 Black Leather

More of a hiking boot with a chunky look and feel, crafted from leather and suede and finished with a faux fur lining.

Seven Boot Lane Karla £165 Black Leather

This lace-up winter boot has a touch of luxe thanks to the bright silver metal ware and soft faux fur lining. Made from soft Spanish leather and I love that they are on a sneaker sole making them not too chunky. Also in Grey Camo Suede

There are still a couple out there but being designer they are all around £500 so will not feature on here. Research done and although I loved the Huggy's I think my favourite are the Seven Boot Lane Karla, look more like a sneaker and I hope will be perfect. 20% off this Black Friday weekend.

Love and Kisses


All content my own and correct at the time of writing.

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