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Ever year I lust after the leather trousers from the likes of Hush , Baukjen and MEANDEM but I just can't justify paying the price when I don't think I'd wear them to death. I've been on the hunt for a Faux Leather pair that actually fit and I like. I find it quite a struggle, those Instagram squares are quite deceptive. I am very petite with a very small waist but I am short and I have very athletic legs which means I've tried a hell of a lot of Faux Leather leggings and to my dismay I look a bugger in the majority of them.

I bought these beauties on a whim - I was ordering some amazing Asda boots that look like Louis Vuitton boots. Yes they have arrived, yes they look amazing and yes they are comfortable. Luckily for me I ordered a size 5 as the size 4 had sold out, they arrived, are too big and when I went online the size 4 are back in stock. Yipee!!! anyway I digress!!

I tried these on this morning and I love them, they seem to fit really well, they are matt, they are the right length and I can't actually wait to wear them out with a pair of trainers. I may even give them an outing into work next week, test the water so they say. I cant tell you how happy I am to find them and of course they are total bargain £14 (Faux Leather Leggings)

Love and kisses


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