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Sometimes you come across something that you not only love but the brand has the story behind it that really resonates with you, and that makes you even happier to support them. Scamp & Dude was created by Jo Tutchener-Sharp, founder and previous MD of Beauty Seen PR.

In October 2015 Jo’s life took a difficult turn when she suffered a brain haemorrhage. She didn't have a choice but to leave her children, and undergo lengthy life threatening brain surgery in hospital. As mum's I think we all go through those periods that we hate leaving our children but with life and work we just don't have a choice and we worry constantly.

From this worrying time can a moment of inspiration and Jo created a brand that helps children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones, and Scamp & Dude was born.

The Superhero-inspired clothing line provides kids with Superhero confidence when on the move. The slogan on the back reminds children that a Superhero has their back and the neon pink superpower button embroidered on the sleeve provides them with a burst of power when they need it most.

A beautiful range of t shirts, sweatshirts and the Superhero Sleep Buddy, designed to watch over children when they sleep, a pocket on the back holds a photo of those they want to keep close.

Not only exclusive to children, check out the adults range . Gorgeous prints, really great quality cotton looks great dressed up or down. Take a look and for every Superhero Sleep Buddy sold, you have a chance to be someone else’s superhero as another Superhero Sleep Buddy is donated to a vulnerable child.

Love and kisses


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