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I actually couldn't tell you how long I've known Janis, when I think long and hard its has to be before me having my children and Sophia is nine so its fair to say a long time. Like many I met in the gym and Janis's pop up shops with her fantastic jewellery and fashion. Every time I see her she has something new and different, from Scandi cool, British brands and items she has made up in Argentina. Its makes you feel special to accessorize with pieces that many people don't have, she always has limited designs of everything so that's doesn't happen and unlike the shops she has new drops of items on a regular basis. Tall, blonde, always looking gorgeous and always styling her jewellery to match her outfits, if you can't find something hanging up you can always be tempted with what she's wearing. Thank you Janis for being part of the #stylishschoolruncommunity, thank you for always be supportive and offering great advise and I have a warm glow that whenever I support Janis I know that I'm supporting a dream!

Tell me, a little bit about yourself…

Mum of have 2 kids who are 20 and 22, from Scotland originally, lover of nice things, and have wonderful friends ! I like to stay fit, exercise is very important to me as I like to look as good as possible. Love looking after my family and friends … and dog . Enjoy meeting people through the work that I do.

How did you get into running your own business?

Since I was a child I've always loved making things, sewing, knitting and just having a general interest and pleasure in art. Beads have always fascinated me and I just love fashion and jewellery. I started making jewellery when the kids were little, just for fun and then when friends liked my designs it blossomed from there. I soon realised I had a good eye for design and style.

What's your usual week / day look like?

Exercise, gym or big dog walk .. selling, maintaining and promoting website … buying appointments, and research, I'm always on the look out for new things.

What inspires you?

Details, colour combinations, beautiful things I'm a Taurean! and I love inspiring people with good hearts.

What did you want to be growing up?

I was horse mad and wanted a career involving them. Always a passion for shoes, my sister and I always wanted to work in a shoe shop? !!.. that early age love of shoes has not gone away unfortunately!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My children who are 20 and 22 and have both grown up to be wonderful kind and loving adults… they both have fabulous senses of humour and we have great times together

What’s next on your to do list?

I’m working hard on my website to develop a more online brand and would love to develop it further with more fashion items. That would mean a step back from pop ups shops which I need to do but I love meeting all my customers, so its a real trade off. Interiors interest me a lot with the cross over of fashion and interiors being so similar. Then its the usual mum and household chores that never cease.

When are you happiest?

At home knowing everyone is safe and happy, cuddling up with my dog whom I adore and love being with.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

I laugh out loud all the time and hsve the laughter lines to prove it ! … laughing is very important to me and often measure people on how much of a laugh they are !!

How as women, can we help to empower others?

By supporting each other when we need help, listening is very important and draw on our on experiences when advice is needed. I get a lot of women who buy from me but need quite a bit of help and advice which I love giving, it's so rewarding when I can make a difference to how a customer feels when wearing new accessories. Its amazing how with even just a new necklace and someone telling you how good you look can make a huge difference to our confidence and therefore how we deal with people and situations . I know when I look good I feel so much more confident about everything.

What’s your style?

Smart casual… boho chic

Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, and at the moment the sequins of Strictly Come Dancing!

Life motto?


Can’t live without…

My children

Follow Janis on Instagram or check out her gorgeous jewellery at

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