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I am so excited to be welcoming Stephanie Ralston, stylist to the #stylishschoolruncommunity. Steph will be running a regular feature (well as regular as we can) on the blog to mix up the styling and get the tips and picks from a professional! not just me. I've always seen Steph running around Marlow and had the pleasure of meeting up with her before summer to discuss ideas and get her involved in the website. You know how it is, lets meet up for a quick coffee, being both Northerners it turned into quite a lengthy coffee or two, blasts from the past, all the people we knew, fashion in general before we even got on to the blog ideas! It's not just about the fashion with Steph, her bubbly personality gets you talking about yourself, your fears, insecurities, your likes, your dislikes (hell, she did it to me whilst we where having coffee!) so she can really hone into what you are looking to achieve and then layering on the top the fashion you can see a real difference in the way you hold yourself, the confidence and the joy tends to exude from every angle. If you're in the doldrums with what to wear, have a huge wardrobe but don't know where to start, have an event you're going to or just want to mix it up, have a chat with Steph... get to know her more with my Friday Feature questions...

Tell me, a little bit about yourself…

Married, mum of three. Worked in corporate for the majority of my career but friends and family really encouraged me to take a huge step into the world of fashion.

How did you get into being a fashion stylist?

I’ve always had a ‘Passion for Fashion’, starting at a young age when I drove my mother crazy. Being a Manchester girl I was heavily influenced by music and culture, appearing in the Face at 19 for my unique style of dress.

Why SCR?

I love women. I’m one of 4 sisters. Sadly I lost my eldest sister many years ago. She gave me the courage and determination to train as a counsellor. After volunteering with women and young people, their stories gave me the strength, empathy, confidence and empowerment. I have a unique way of styling, I combine my knowledge of shape, size, colour and unconditional empathy to get the best out of my clients, make them feel good and overcome their own challenges.

What's your usual week / day look like?

Busy mum with two girls at home (8 and 13 years) and a son at University. The week goes quickly organizing the kids, helping at school, styling clients, meeting up with friends and working out at The Marlow Club and with Personal Trainer Laura Lee.

What inspires you?

Strong, independent women who manage to run a home along side a working career. My mum is a huge inspiration, with strong values and a family that she has nurtured and loves dearily.

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a dancer or actress, my stint at the BBC exposed me to lots of interesting people, Caroline Aherne was fabulous and I completed some training videos.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Having my children, watching them grow into adults and appreciating the respect that my son has for women. Job Well Done – I love it!

What’s next on your to do list?

Continue and expand my styling career, I love fashion its an addiction. Styling women and seeing their joy and confidence grow is priceless.

When are you happiest?

Spending time with my husband and children and my extended family mum, dad, sisters, nephews, nieces. I feel very fortunate to have amazing long term friends, living, laughing and having lots of fun!

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

This morning, I laugh at so many things. Is it because I’m a Northerner? Or a positive person who surrounds myself with great people.

How as women, can we help to empower others?

I believe in sisterhood. As women its essential we lift and carry positivity about body image. Encourage young girls and women to believe in aspiring and achieving their life goals.

What’s your style?

I have a mix from edgy to structured to boho and I love street, however I may be a little too old to carry that off!

Guilty pleasure?

Lovely food high in calories, chocolate, rubbish TV!

Life motto?

Happy with me!

Can’t live without…


Look out for your Stephanie's regular styling advise on the blog soon...

If you want to get in touch for a one to one session, contact Stephanie

Tel: 07725186291

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