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Some things happen for a reason. A chance encounter, a catalyst leading to other things. With two friends discussing about getting puppies, deliberating on how to manage them with families, I met Dawn at the gym (no surprise ) at my children's swimming lessons. Having to wait for at least 15 minutes whilst my son sings in the shower (yes I do indulge him, 7 and loving the shower I'll take that) It gave me an opportunity to chat and find out more about Dawn, her story and her business. I liked Dawn immediately, her warmth, her enthusiasm, her character, we clicked, it was a no brainer to send my interview questions through to her and when I got them back I was blown away.

I am trying to build a community of inspiring women, each with different backgrounds, different stories, and I want to be honest about that journey and promote, support and feature real people who I like and admire. I'll be honest I cried when I read Dawn's answer's. Through great loss and adversity, the real need to change the working day to put family first and her passion, adoration and love of dog's led Dawn's Doggie Sitting, fulfilling her mantra of remembering that none of us are here forever; do more of what you love and love what you do. Read Dawn's story...

Tell me, a little bit about yourself…

32, divorce pending, tattooed, petite, good sense of humour, dog fanatic, metal and rock listener, Bucks born, positive, happy go lucky, previously worked in the criminal justice sector with offenders and within substance misuse and those presenting with drug and alcohol dependency. Strongly Independent. OCD when it comes to house work and sanitation.

How did set up Dawn's Doggie sitting?

Dawn’s doggie sitting began as an idea in 2006 when I had my own working cocker spaniel. I couldn’t find the person I needed and trusted enough to come into my home and walk my dog. At that time I was working away a lot and wanted someone to come to my house, work to my routine and love my dog the in same way; keeping my home clean, secure and my dog happily occupied.

In 2014 I began dog sitting occasionally for friends to help cover weekends away and holidays; before long I had my first client and dedicated my free time to dog walking and sitting alongside my full time job.

Why Dawn's Doggie sitting?

I had suffered a great loss a year earlier losing my brother to his Heroin addiction, I then went on and took custody of my teenage niece in 2015 and reality struck that I needed a job which could accommodate and meet her needs as well as the demands of the school run, college fees, care and support. I adore dog sitting, it keeps me fit and active and is therapeutic in many ways. I decided to take the plunge in making dog sitting a business.

What's your usual week / day look like..

Depending on where I’m booked, location, other pets etc., I work to meet the needs of each dog. With my niece now becoming more independent, I try to squeeze in a couple of hours at TMC each week alongside the routine food shop and domestic chores.

What inspires you?

Remembering that none of us are here forever; do more of what you love and love what you do.

What did you want to be growing up?

A pilot

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Completing exams in forensic science microbiology and pathology. By far the toughest thing I’ve ever paid to put myself through. I never thought I could pass especially as it involved a year of embalming and working with the deceased. That and reading the eulogy at my brother’s funeral are perhaps my proudest achievements. Great is yet to come….

What’s next on your to do list?

Fix the laptop that my niece has exhausted.

When are you happiest?

When I watch the dogs play, a warm summers day strolling in the woods where I can clear my mind and be at one with nature. I do love the sauna too and long hot baths anywhere where heat, massages and water are combined.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Today, as I returned to my car and found a beagle I regularly walk on the passenger seat. And whenever I watch my Ab Fab box series.

How as women, can we help to empower others?

Be kind and complimenting to one another. Observe the talents, strengths and courage in other women and voice these qualities to one another.

What’s your style?

A bit Rock n Roll, cool and casual

Guilty pleasure?

Squeezing blackheads… cringe

Life motto?

No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that kills your dreams.

Could not live without…

Toblerone and Romeo Prosecco

If you want to keep a routine of care for your dog's, don't want kennels for the weekend away or holidays. Here's how to get in touch Dawn’s Doggie sitting 07444781190 or email

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