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Many of the larger High Street and Online Brands have cottoned on to the fact that they go into Summer sale so early that when the sun actually comes out, their stores are full of Autumn clothing.

I haven't shopped in Boden for quite some time but I always tend to look when the catalogue drops through the letterbox. This week is Boden's High Summer drop, with an automatic 10% discount code when you log online or on the back of the catalogue.

I've had handbag lust for Hill & Friends Bags over the last two years, keep looking at it, still looking at it and still cant afford it even in the sale. Loved finding this pink leopard print gem of a bag, its cross-body and a 1/4 of the cost of Hill & Friends even in the sale. It's still not cheap but Boden is great quality and both these prints are classic and will transition over the years and the seasons.

What can I say.. they are Leopard shoes. I don't do heels very often but I own a pair of Boden Leopard mid heel boots and they are so comfy, yes I can wear them all day. These are mid heel (you can get the higher heel) for work, evenings out or just pure 'shoe porn delight'.

I'm a sucker for Broderie Anglaise, its usually the Blue and White variety that I tend to veer to so this Red and white version is gorgeous, and a real change. Amazing for holiday especially with a holiday glow.

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