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I am so pleased to have been asked by @BucksMoveMe to write a piece for their website to encourage young, old, all fitness levels to get out there and be active. I am even more delighted when they asked me to be one of their community champions for #BucksMoveMe

I started my blog around Fashion, Exercise and to a build a #stylishschoolruncommunity of talented, awe-inspiring women, within a few months I've written a guest blog posted below and on committed to take part in the #BucksMovesMe Miles & Medals Summer Challenge whilst on holiday, been featured in @MumMeTimeBucks and now a cherry on the cake a @BucksMovesMe Community Champion. I feel privileged and proud and I'm determined to do a good job! Let's get moving peeps!! Check the blog and challenge out now

Exercise is key to what I do, how I'm made up and an essential part of @stylishschoolrun So I am really pleased to have a written a blog for @bucksmovesme to give inspiration whatever your activity level to get out and enjoy Buckinghamshire. Here's my piece.

You'll often hear 'Summer bodies are made in Winter', a flippant comment thrown out there over and over again. Getting active in winter whatever your intentions is hard work. The long, dark, cold and wet nights don't instil inspiration.

I'm a great believer in 'Summer starts Great Habits', the warm sun (fingers crossed) and the longer, lighter days gives a buzz, the lift and energy that we need to get out there and get active. Whatever your choice of activity, start in summer and when October dawns and the long, darker nights creep in, you're hooked and you're more likely to continue on the 'Great habits' throughout winter.

I'm passionate about exercise and instilling in my children a good balanced diet, regular exercise and getting outdoors is the path to a healthy life. They see me run, lift weights, row, hell they don't even blink when I'm trying to do a 30 minute HIIT burpee session on the veranda on holiday. It's what makes me tick and I hope it will be a way of life for them. With that in mind, here's one of my favourite short run routes (2.5miles) in Hambleden Valley to inspire you ...

Hambleden Valley is in the heart of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a few miles from Henley and Marlow. It's a haven for wildlife, watch out for the deer when you're running through the woodlands and carpeted in flowers in the spring and summer. Hambleden Village is a great starting point for exploring, it has beautiful stone cottages, a church dating back to the 12th century and a thriving pub and local shop. (I always use the Post Office: no queues). It's been the location for numerous period TV productions and movies. You can explore the area by foot via the Chilterns Country Thames and Chilterns Walk from Henley. (Check out the walking club every Wednesday at 10:30, meet at Stag & Huntsman car park) Plus, there are lots of well signed promoted routes passing through the Hambleden Valley including the long-distance Chiltern Way.

Hambleden's Magical Monsters

Whatever your age, whether you run, cycle or walk, getting the children out or walking the dog, I promise you you'll smile and wave at Hambleden's Magical Monsters. The kids will love it! If you're driving then there's free parking at the Stag & Huntsman (perfect for a sneaky drink, pub lunch, dinner plus rooms for those staying over).

Head out of Hambleden towards Pheasants Hill, you'll know you're on the right road if you checkout the monkeys in the garden directly on your right!

Take Care: this is a one track road but it generally isn't that busy. You'll pass the beautifully ornate gates on your right and then it will creep up on you, boom, you'll run into the CRAZY EYED CATERPILLAR. Thank you to the clever, experienced gardener for this creation, every time I run past the crazy eyed caterpillar it makes me smile! If you head down the public footpath and follow his hedge you'll find a VERY HUNGRY caterpillar (loving the welly detail).

Follow the public footpath to the Farm (its quite a walk through the fields), turn right up the hill, right again and you are back on the same road you started on heading back to Hambleden, you'll see the back end of the caterpillar as you head back. If you cycling its a tight squeeze and a gate but do-able, it may be a better option on the hilly road.

With summer views like these, why don't you 'Start your Great Habits' now.

Love and kisses

All content is my own and correct at the time of writing

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