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Sweltering heat, nights with no sleep, summer concerts on the hottest June day in 40 years drenched in sweat. Sports Day looms and the bloody forecast is rain. Hours of races, the kids picnic and then straight to the office. What the hell do you wear?

Inevitably the Met Weather forecast sends our wardrobes into total chaos. Our summer wardrobes are well and truly out, just the thought of winter clothing causes us to sweat unattractively. But dressing the sports day doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to pull everything out and endlessly huff and puff..

First rule of sports day: dress appropriately.. come on you'll be seeing these folks for many years to come

Second rule of sports day: flats, trainers (no spikes, way to serious for the mum's race) block heels (spindle heel is just not going to work), or hunters (if its looking like a wash out)

Third rules of sports day: layer up

Fourth rule of sports day: don't compare, be yourself

Hell that's the rules over. From favourite jeans and T, the athleisure look, pleated midis, multifunctional tailored shirts to summer dresses. Take a deep breath and here's a few of my favourites.

Sports Day Dressing

Ditch your favourite skinny jeans in favour of wide strides, its all about balance. It’s not just for tall, willowy women, I love mine and I'm 5ft 3in. Pair the new wide-legged jeans with a fitted top, crisp shirt or plain t and seek to accentuate the waist – preferably with a tuck in or a belt. Sandals, flats, wedges all work.

Next Wide Leg Ankle Length Jeans (Denim,Khaki & White)

Basic T - any I love Jigsaw, Petite Bateau and Primark

THERE'S something about a summer dress, it's time to bare those legs; feel the breeze as the skirt ripples around your legs; nip in your waist or slink around in spaghetti straps. Whether it's plain, adorned in flowers or seersucker stripes; the summer dress gets compliments when the normal school run pair of jeans doesn't quite stack up. That's the beauty of the summer dress...I love it as you can probably tell (the list could have been endless!)

IT might be June but when the summer sun isn't out and rain is threatening, a little additional thinking is required to put your look together...

Zara Parka with Tassels (New Season - Trending now)

Zara Animal Print Scarf (New Season - Trending now)

Cheer, clap, high five and wave at the little ones! Here's hoping its not a wash out!

Don't compare, be yourself!

Love and Kisses

All content my own and correct at the time of writing.

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