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I love summer, I love the feeling of warmth flowing through your skin and warming your bones. The smell of cut grass and BBQ wafting over your neighbours fence. The jingle of the ice cream van (yes we still have one in Marlow) zipping round the streets. So after a couple of days of getting that sunshine fix, I was lured into a total false sense of security and boy was I feeling cold all day.

After a super busy week last week, I was taking the opportunity to work from home, catch up on all the things I needed to do, emails to read, conference calls to jump on. I don't know about you but when I work from home sometimes I don't move all day, even making a cup of tea seems an effort or I am so engrossed in trying to get as much done I just don't look up and take a breath.

Comfy, cool casual wear was a must. Loving wearing my Hush Hawaiian joggers, AMAZING print and colour, lightweight and even though I'm short, I roll them up and they look great. Hush only have XS in stock but John Lewis online have all sizes in stock. Teamed with a light grey t (they call it blue pearl) from Jigsaw.

I had to layer...

Which one would you choose?

Hush Suede Biker (definitely vintage, I've had for years) You can find really great alternatives depending on your budget. Investment pieces all around the £300 mark in a similar colour can be found at Jigsaw (Pebble), Mint Velvet (Oyster, they also do a washed leather biker in Oyster THIS HAS TO BE ON MY WISH LIST) and Reiss (Moss)

For more affordable options try Faux Suede £35 - £50. Favourites are ASOS (Grey) Misguided (Brown), Misguided (Khaki)

Hush Camo Kafta Jacket, available in all sizes. Also available through John Lewis

Sequin Arm Parka (few seasons old) I cant really find an alternative but if you search on eBay sequin sleeve parka a few options come up

Oversized badge parka. Larger sizes available at Very

Love and kisses

(All comments are my own, all content true at the time of writing)

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