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I can't believe that just over 6 weeks ago, on June 6th I posted my first @stylishschoolrun post on Instagram and started building the website. Not to blow my own trumpet (well actually I am) @stylishschoolrun has come a long way since then.

Why @stylishschoolrun? It's a celebration..

Two reasons why I embarked on this journey. Having a 9 year old daughter frightens the crap out of me. I can't shelter her forever and ensuring she sees a positive side to social media (she is going to live in it) is essential even at this early age before anxiety and pressure set in. Combined with the amount of amazing, talented and inspiring local women, I want to build a #stylishschoolruncommunity to promote, nurture, and inspire, we are all so independent and detached, I want to build a place to go website for recommendations and events to get together and support each other.

@stylishschoolrun launch collaboration with @Sweaty Betty Marlow Team

The Launch Party could never have happened without all the team @Sweaty Betty Marlow especially Aggi (@aggified). Their support, encouragement and help gave me the confidence that this idea would work! And blow me.. the response was amazing!! We ran out of fizz, we didn't have enough goodie bags and the vibe was electric!!

It's all about the stories...

You find out peoples stories by asking and sometimes when do we have time for that? The Launch was a real catalyst to start a conversation, did I talk to everyone No, would I have loved to Yes. But it's all about momentum, this journey is starting and now the magic can start to begin... I have coffee and meetings booked for September and discussions for September and November meet ups have already started...

From those I did talk to, we have some ballsy women! True leap of faith moments, I salute you for sacrificing everything to follow your dream, @purestretch, moved to England and starting again @aggified @Fireflyevents Good Luck with all your events this summer. Melissa and Annaliese @breathoffreshair for retraining and going back to college. That is something that I could not do. Charity work, volunteers.. The stories are endless and these are just some of the women that will be featured and form the #stylishschoolruncommunity.

The Goodie Bags

Thanks to Sweaty Betty for the gift vouchers and House of BlueBelle for the gorgeous travel tin candles (find out more about House of BlueBelle in my feature). If you haven't subscribed to the website you have until the 27th July for the chance to win a launch goodie bag.

It's all about Positive thinking and a Leap of Faith..

Did I think I would do it? Yes.

Did I think I would finish the website in time? Yes, I would make sure I did.

Would I ever stop tinkering? No, but I needed to stop at some point.

Do I want to improve? Yes, two ways are already stuck in my head.

Am I pleased? Absolutely, I cant stop smiling and now we have the momentum in place to grow the #stylishschoolruncommunity

What's Next? End of September event 'Get out of Your Comfort Zone' and a start of December event 'Re-wear or Re-cycle' in collaboration with My Boudoir, Marlow.

I'd love to hear your stories and your feedback, just drop me a note

Love and Kisses


Photo credits: izzyfosterphoto

All content my own and correct at the time of writing.

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