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Agnes Kowal, Aggi, is the happiest empowering woman you'll meet in Marlow. I don't think I have ever seen her NOT smiling. Based at Sweaty Betty Marlow, she's a Life Coach, super experienced Yoga and Barre Teacher and all round empowering woman, when she's not at Sweaty Betty Marlow you'll find her @PureStretchUK @Zacsfitness or running Spartans! Aggi's genuine love and passion for all things fitness shines through and being a life coach her motivation and support is truly inspiring...

Here is Aggi's story...

How did you get into Yoga, fitness, health, styling?

I have been an artistic soul since day one on this planet. Dancing my way through childhood. Private schooling helped as I’d start my day with piano lessons and finished with ballet etc. I’ve learnt discipline, time management and values early on.

I’d always be up to something trying to change the World to be a better place for all and no matter what life would throw my way and where I’d find myself in the World my natural empathy abilities and hunger for life would make me take on different courses and challenges which now are vital ingredients on my conscious path to making everyone I meet feel better😊 so far so good😊

Why Sweaty Betty, Marlow?

I’ve always been a creative person and I love fashion! I naturally become a part of the SB family after coming back from California. I was initially working only one day a week. Now SB Marlow feels like home, where I can support women to feel even better by helping them express themselves in the garment department giving them that extra confidence boost so they can feel like rock stars wherever they choose to do one of my classes, catch up for a coaching coffee or else. Now being a Professional student of British College of Fashion Styling I can offer expert advice as an add on to my multipotentialist portfolio of skills.

What's your usual week / day look like?

Day: I get up at 06:00

I meditate

I walk my dog (I’ve rescued a deaf puppy a while ago and she decided to stay:-)

I teach one of the morning classes.

I have vegan protein shake while driving to Sweaty Betty Marlow.

I set up the vibes and store for the day.

I train myself during every lunch break (6 days a week) and if I can add a cheeky extra session like the other Thursday that would be 4 classes during the day😊

Lunch is my biggest and favourite meal of the day and it always contains avocados😊

I close the store at 18:00 and drive to teach another class, or I teach the class in the store (they are free, so make sure to check it out! Then close the store and drive to teach another class😊

During the day I naturally and organically network and converse with new and old friends trying to maintain the real connection with others choosing to remain in the state of gratitude no matter what.

Wednesday is my day off from SB and I teach all day till 22:00 finishing on blissful yoga class. This is probably the best gift I can offer to others – supporting the state of being present, without judgement and unnecessary stories. This is what I call freedom 😊

My aim is simple. I just want to make people feel good. Why? People who feel good pay it forward and if you feel good you can’t feel depressed, angry and so on. Quite simple solution to raise the vibration and make the planet a better place😊

What inspires you?

Passion. People who follow their values. Nature. The beauty of a human heart. Altruism. Meditation.

What did you want to be growing up?

Dancer. I have abundance of energy😊 Now I dance with life on daily basis😊

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Always a next one coming 😊 , commitment to continuously evolving, ability to forgive no matter what and being able to be present for what’s in a front of me. If I was to list something specific: Living in India in the middle of the desert while strictly following yogic lifestyle. Traveling on my own. Moving countries more than once. Speaking a foreign language like a native. Courage to leave the Californian lifestyle and restart my life back in UK on my own from the scratch or maybe running Mens Health Survival of the Fittest[AK1] race in winter at night? I don’t know you choose😊

What’s next on your to do list?

Wake up and be present 😊

There’s so many amazing things I’m involved with.

  • Growing Pure Stretch Community- my dear friend’s and SB ambassador Ciaran Organ’s business. We’ve just launched Pure Stretch at home where you can work out with me and another awesome instructors from the comfort of your home.

  • Supporting Zacs Fitness to make Marlownians the fittest peeps on this planet. I strongly believe in Zacs Olympic expertise and I feel privileged to be a part of the team. Come train with me every Sunday😊

  • Finishing my fashion styling degree so I can start further studies 😊

  • Being a part of your community of inspiring women is a big one. I strongly believe we women need to support each other more. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows her value without being cocky. In the World of everything instant we need to cherish the priceless connections and genuine support.

  • Making SB Marlow a go to spot for professional advice, feel good experience or just a hug when you need it. Home for all of us women where we can catch a breath and feel ourselves again.

When are you happiest?

When I allow myself to be truly present. Straight after meditation or good yoga sess. During the walk in the woods with my dog. While I’m teaching. Supporting and witnessing people transformation. Having an awesome conversation with the friend or a stranger. Basically living my life😊

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Yesterday, while witnessing child laughing. Such a gift. I look for a reason to smile, laugh every day.

How as women, can we help to empower others?

Show up. Don’t be scared. We don’t have to be in competition with each other. You are your unique self and you need to appreciate yourself first, in order to have quality relationships with others: at home, at work etc.

If you feel threatened by another it means it resonates with something within you. Take a breath. She is just another version of you. Without being cheesy I truly believe we can operate from the point of love and compassion. If in doubt just follow me😊

What’s your style?

Relaxed with a touch of class. I feel super comfortable riding horses or running muddy obstacle races or having champagne afternoon tea at the Ritz (has to be dry)

Guilty pleasure?

Gluten free penne arrabbiata, takes me back to comfort zone. You won’t see me eating it often but if you do just give me a hug.

Life motto?

One life. Live it. If your presence doesn’t work neither will your word.

Can’t live without…

Avocados, nature, water


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FaceBook: Agnes Kowal, Aggified, Zumba with Aggi

Instagram: @aggified

Contact Aggi Email: Tel: 07826 633264

Love and Kisses


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